British Columbia

On the West Coast of Canada lies British Columbia, hosting the famed Vancouver. The coast itself is beautiful and although I haven't visited much of the province, I liked what I did see.
Last Visit: Sep 2008
Cost: –
Stayed: 2 days
Suggest Staying: 1 week
English: 5/5
Safety: 5/5
Currency: CAD
Transport: Plane, bus, train, taxi, rental car

My Favorites

1. Vancouver


Highlights: Mountains, hiking, lakes, city
Suggest Staying: 2-4 days
Stay Around: Downtown
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Despite only spending 2 days in this bustling city, I was immediately impressed by the futuristic look as we arrived from Seattle, Washington. The city itself is amazing and I look forward to visiting again. There are also many parks, skiing, and other outdoor activities in the region.

See & Do

  • Downtown Vancouver. Plenty see and do in the way of shops, restaurants, bars.
  • Capilano. Cross the 400 foot by 200 foot suspension bridge and walk across mini suspension bridges up in the trees like Endor from Star Wars. Get stamps at each station and receive a certificate at the end to remember the experience.
  • Whistler Mountain. Views, skiing.

Other Considerations

Yoho National Park

Takakkaw Falls

Beautiful park just next to Banff National Park with mountains, waterfalls, hiking, and wildlife. The most popular site is Takakkaw Falls. This massive waterfall is a site to behold. Steep, winding road to get there. 15-minute flat walk to the base of the falls.

Kootenay National Park

Kootenay Valley Viewpoint

Another beautiful park just below Yoho and Banff National Parks with beautiful forests, especially in the fall. Streams, lakes, mountains, hiking, wildlife. Great route to take back from Canada to Montana if that’s your destination.

Radium Hot Springs

Radium Hot Springs

Of the three featured hot springs in the area, the lesser traveled, less busy, and larger hot springs (compared to Banff and Jasper hot springs), this is a nice alternative route to pass through on the way back from Canada to Montana. There is both a “hot” and another “cold” pool (not show in the picture) that has a small water slide. Nestled in the mountains, you’ll pass through Sinclair Canyon on the way to the town of Radium Hot Springs to eat, or even stay if you want to be a bit more out in the country. If you continue south, you’ll also pass Invermere, Windermere, and Fairmount Hot Springs, all of which are nice, small towns with restaurants and gas. Slightly further south, you’ll pass Canal Flats which is pretty, nice lake. Pleasant route all in all.

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