Although I didn't get to explore much of Denmark (yet as of this writing), it is a neat little country with a lot to offer. People are friendly, there is a big Viking influence, and there are museums and castles just outside Copenhagen, which is of itself a wonderful place to visit. You also have the famed Faroe Islands.
Last Visit: Aug 2014
Cost: $-/day
Stayed: 3 days
Suggest Staying: 1 week
English: 5/5
Safety: 4/5
Currency: Krone
Transport: Taxi, bus, metro

My Favorites

1. Copenhagen

Along The Canal

Highlights: Vikings, museums, amusement park, palaces
Suggest Staying: 2-4 days
Stay Around: Vesterbro
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Copenhagen is a beautiful city with an amusement park, healthy, although pricey food, and museums. It’s an expensive city, one of the most expensive in the world along with Norway.

See & Do

  • Canal Cruise. See houses and attractions along the waterways.
  • Nyhavn. Tall ships, myriad restaurants.
  • Christinashavn. Encircling moat and canals, Christiania, Church of Our Savior – climb up to the green light district. Christiania is particularly interesting and doesn’t allow photos because it’s kind of an anything goes type of place. Artsy, wall murals, hippies, weed.
  • City Hall. Where business gets done.
  • Den Lille Havfrue. Little Mermaid statue.
  • Nationalmuseet. National Museum, Viking exhibits.
  • Amelienborg Palace. Ritzy.
  • Tivoli. Amusement park by day, adult beverages served at night. May even catch a live show. We saw Simple Minds by chance.

Food & Drink

  • Kodbyens Fiskbar. Excellent seafood. Make a reservation.
  • Illum. Cafeteria style, bagels, outside.
  • Magasin du Nord. Cafeteria style, groceries, deli.
  • Klubben. Danish. Located in Vesterbro.


  • Getting Around. CPHCard gets you unlimited bus, metro, S-trains, 60 museums/sights for 24 or 72 hours.
  • Safety & Drugs. I don’t think this is typical, but we stayed directly behind the train station across from Tivoli and saw from our window a drug deal go down along with some dude shooting up. Didn’t experience any danger or anything, but be mindful of drugs and addicts around. Not that unusual for a major city.

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