Estonia is interesting among the Baltic states because it has a very heavy scandinavian influence, so it's a bit different than say Latvia and Lithuania in that regard. Beautiful city, modern mixed with old medieval, fantastic sights, and fun adventures to be had in the countryside.
Last Visit: Jul 2016
Cost: $67/day
Stayed: 7 days
Suggest Staying: 1 week
English: 5/5
Safety: 5/5
Currency: Euro
Transport: Uber, taxi, bus

My Favorites

1. Tallinn

Aleksandr Nevsky Cathedral

Highlights: City, castles, parks, beach, nature, nightlife
Suggest Staying: 3-4 days
Stay Around: Kalamaja or Old Town (Zinc Hostel)
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I really enjoyed Tallinn after reading many good things about it. The people are friendly, everyone speaks English, Old Town is lovely, and there are some really interesting attractions and parks. Tallinn is also becoming a strong tech startup hub in Europe. A very creative and progressive city, parts of which remind me of Portland, Oregon in the U.S. Hipster, Bohemian, creative, techie, and yoga to boot.

See & Do

  • Old Town. Markets, shops, restaurants, bars, and city walls. Also includes Viru Gate and Raekoja Plats (town square).
  • Aleksandr Nevsky Cathedral. Popular, famous.
  • Tomide Valjak. Park, building resembling a castle at the top, ponds.
  • Kadriorg. Park, palace, Japanese garden. Really nice, definitely worth a visit.
  • Kalamaja. Hipster, creative neighborhood. Also good for drinks. Definitely check out, I really liked this area, very chill. Not far from Old Town.
  • Telliskivi Loomelinnak. Telliskivi Creative City has artsy shops and healthy restaurants. Near Kalamaja. Have a meal.
  • Sea Plane Harbor. This place is awesome. Outside is a dock with a bunch of ships you can enter and then inside is the main maritime museum. There is a giant submarine, artillery, and interactive games where you can try a flight simulator. Fun for all ages.
  • Parita Beach. Large beach. Aerial activities nearby.
  • F-Hoone. Nice cafe.
  • Chakra. Indian food.


  • Getting Around. Look for “R Kiosk” to purchase a green card with a prepaid amount to use on trams, and I think buses too. They are around town, but I went to one at Viru Mall. Costs 5 Euro and lasts 24 hours. Can also pay 2 Euro cash to the driver.
  • Autobusijaam. Central bus station. Very nice with a cafe. Get tickets at the window or kiosks. To get here, take Tram 4 from Viru (gate).

2. Lahemaa National Park

Viru Raba

Highlights: Nature, hiking, sea, bogs
Suggest Staying: 1-2 days
Stay Around: Tallinn
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Very beautiful national park that’s larger than it seems. You can drive around and see the gist of it in a day, but an extra day would allow you to see more and get a bit of hiking or boating. I went waterfall hunting which was a bit tricky. Nothing spectacular, but fun to try and find them if you want an adventure.

See & Do

  • Viru Raba. Bog with a boardwalk to trek through. Really pretty, not at all like the “bog of eternal stench” from Labyrinth.
  • Palmse. Manor, garden, lake, park. Really nice and lots of ground to walk around if you have the time.
  • Vihula. Manor.
  • Sagadi. Manor.
  • Parksi Juga. Small waterfalls, stream, sink hole.
  • Parksi Salajogi. River.
  • Nommevaseki. Waterfall, stream, biggest of the three waterfalls nearby.
  • Tammispea. Boulder on the coast.
  • Kasmu. Captain’s village along the coast. Swimming.
  • Viitna. Lake. Campground with cabins.


  • Viru. The path is 3.5-5.5km which takes 2-3.5 hours. Or you can do a 60 minute roundtrip walk to the observation deck from highway 85.

3. Rakvere

Time For Battle

Highlights: Castle
Suggest Staying: 1 day
Stay Around: Tallinn
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This place is super fun. I had a blast here. There is a bull statue out front off to the side and the castle itself looks like something from Robin Hood. The castle is interactive so it’s not just like going to look at ruins. And it’s touristy, but in a fun way with activities, not just a bunch of vendors trying to sell you useless crap. You can do archery, watch jousting, view (and play with) swords, and of course read about the history and artifacts contained within the various chambers. There are different exhibitions/shows at different times, such as an alchemy demonstration. A schedule is posted. The best is the torture tour. You’ll be guided through and it’s kind of like a haunted house. Well done and lots of fun.


  • Logistics. I rented a car, but I’m sure you can get there via public transportation.

4. Tartu

Botanical Garden

Highlights: Old Town
Suggest Staying: 1 day
Stay Around: City Center (Hektor Design Hostel)
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Tartu is a university town. Pretty small, it has a nice Old Town and botanical garden. Not much going on, especially when school is not in session. A day is enough to see it. Nice if you want to see another city in Estonia besides Tallinn.


  • Lockers. If you are checking out, but not leaving until later and want to ditch your stuff, there are free lockers in Tasku mall on the lower level by the Rimi supermarket. Across from the bus station.
  • Food. If you’re waiting for the bus, try Yakuza Sushi. Great selection of sushi, rolls, tea, and Japanese food. Located in the shopping center upper floor next to the bus station.

Cost Breakdown

  • Lodging: $235 (AirBnB, hostel)
  • Transportation: $47 (Uber, bus, rental car)
  • Activities: $18 (museums)
  • Food: $175 (estimated $25/day)

Total: $475

General Tips

  • Getting Around The Baltics. I used Luxe Express bus company which was amazing. Reasonably priced, super comfortable, and great amenities including charging outlets, toilets, WiFi and individual screens to watch movies.
  • Local Bus. Use for information.
  • Rental Car. Can use U.S. driver's license to rent a car.
  • Guides. InYourPocket offers great advice on the city in the way of sights, food, nightlife, etc.
  • Water. Can drink tap water, at least in Tallinn.

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