On the East Side of Canada lies the French-speaking Quebec, hosting the famous city of Montreal. Although I haven't visited much of the province, I liked what I did see. Quebec City is also a top place to visit, but I have not been there myself.
Last Visit: Apr 2014
Cost: –
Stayed: 4 days
Suggest Staying: 1 week
English: 5/5
Safety: 5/5
Currency: CAD
Transport: Plane, bus, train, taxi, rental car

My Favorites

1. Montreal

Olympic Park

Highlights: City, nightlife, olympic park, food
Suggest Staying: 2-4 days
Stay Around: Downtown
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Despite only spending 2 days in this bustling city, I can see why people are drawn to it. Mostly known for food and nightlife, Montreal has a variety of things to do.

See & Do

  • Downtown Montreal. Plenty see and do in the way of shops, restaurants, bars, museums, and nightlife.
  • Olympic Park. Remnants from when the olympics were held here. Tour the grounds.

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