I only spent time in Taipei and just a few days at that. This was planned as a stopover on my way to Bangkok from Japan. There are a few neat things to see, but in general I was kind of underwhelmed, especially after reading great things about the culture and the country. Perhaps more time and a more local experience would have helped. It's pretty bustling and crowded in the city center. The nightlife and night markets were decent. I imagine it's similar to China, but with its own unique twist and much smaller. I did hear from a few locals that the mountains in the north and beaches in the south are very popular and very nice. If I were to plan again, I probably would have visited South Korea or the Philippines instead. If you're thinking of visiting, do your own research, as you could have a completely different experience.
Last Visit: Jan 2016
Cost: $143/day
Stayed: 3 days
Suggest Staying: 3-5 days
English: 3/5
Safety: 4/5
Currency: New Taiwan Dollar
Transport: Metro, bus, taxi

My Favorites

1. Taipei

Taipei 101 Building

Highlights: City, night markets, hot springs
Suggest Staying: 3-4 days
Stay Around: Zhongzheng, Wanhua, Datong districts
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See & Do

  • Taipei 101 Building. Probably the most iconic site in Taipei, this 101 story building is truly a sight. It was cloudy when I was there, but you can go to the top for supposedly spectacular views. In the bottom is Din Tai Fung, a chain dim sum restaurant. Really good and there are a couple others around the city also.
  • Confucious & BaoanTemple. Super cool place that has several displays and information about Confucius and his teachings. If you’re a fan of Confucius, this is a must see. There is also a 3D movie you can see which is kind of hilarious.
  • Ximen Neighborhood. There is a walking street area with many shops, restaurants, bars, and a movie theatre. Neat place to walk around.
  • Zhongshan Neighborhood. Park and attractions. Modeled after Beijing’s Forbidden City.
  • Wufenpu. Wholesale stores to buy clothes and things cheap. In Songshan.
  • Huaxi Night Market. Snake soup. Take Bannan line, near Longshan Temple.
  • Nanjichang Night Market. Zhongua Rd. Take Bannan line, near Longshan Temple.
  • Linjiang Street Night Market. Keelung Rd and Tonghua St. Take Wenhu Line, near Liuzhangli.
  • Market / Food Court. Zhongsan station building 1 B2F by Din Tai Fung.
  • Thermal Valley Hot Springs & Beitou Resort. Free to see the site, pay to go to the resort and sit in the hot springs. Take metro to Xinbeitou and walk. It’s a bit outside the city.


  • Getting There. From Taipei airport, take the airport express for for $125NTD (New Taiwan Dollars) to Taipei Station where you can then take the metro (subway) to places around the city.
  • Neighborhoods. Great descriptions of the areas in Taipei on TripAdvisor.

Cost Breakdown

  • Flights: $235 (from Okinawa)
  • Lodging: $116 (hotel)
  • Transportation: $335 (taxi, bus, metro)
  • Activities: $0
  • Food: $60 (estimated $20/day)

Total: $429

Note: I only stayed a couple days and the flight to get to Taipei was half of what I spent total in the city. So if you stayed longer, the cost would average out to less per day.

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