Epic Pacific Northwest Digital Nomad Summer

Seeing as it’s hot as hell in Texas during the summer and I’ve been itching to spend a summer out West, I decided to conduct an experiment. Since I work remotely and thus can work from anywhere, I decided to follow the Oregon Trail and be a digital nomad for the entire summer. Combining three summer trips into one, I ventured up through Montana, over to the Pacific Northwest, and ended with a hot springs tour of Idaho. A total of 4 months and 11,700 miles of total driving when all was said and done. I mostly stayed in AirBnBs to ensure I had a kitchen, quiet, and fast, stable Internet for work. Staying a couple of weeks in several places to work during the week and explore on the weekends. Traveling as a digital nomad, I always plan around how many weekends I need to see and do what’s on my todo list. I mixed in tent camping when on vacation through Washington’s national parks and also parts of Idaho. I was particularly excited about the national parks because not only have I never been to the big 3 in Washington, which looked amazing, but I’ve now visited just about all of the national parks in the lower 48 states. Only a few small lesser known or hard to get to parks to visit that I’ll get to eventually. I did the journey in my awesome Subaru Crosstrek Sport with some upgraded All Terrain Tires and skid plates for some off roading in the national parks and Moab. It was a great trip, though four months was a long time. Typically I prefer 1-3 months and to be a bit more stationary. This trip has got me thinking about considering a camper as my second home that will be way more mobile than my tiny house, and will allow for maintaining a constant space, routines, less eating out, and money savings as I expect to do these kinds of trips periodically for the foreseeable future. The financial savings and minimalist living of going tiny combined with remote work has unlocked the free and adventurous lifestyle I’ve had for the past few years. And it only gets better over time the more I do it and the more I learn.

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