Favorite Spice Shops

Spices are magical and have incredible health benefits. Fresh, organic spices from quality sources makes all the difference. Seeds over ground spices will remain fresher longer, so opt for that, especially for spices you might not use as often. Even just walking into a spice shop is wonderful to experience all of the amazing smells. For more information on specific spices and health benefits, check out my post about the Paleovedic Diet.


Savory Spice Shop

Holiday Open House at Savory Spice Shop | 365 Houston

At Savory Spice, our mission is to deliver “wow” flavor experiences that bring you closer to your loved ones. We make exploring in the kitchen surprisingly simple, so cooks of all levels can say, “I’ve got this!”

One of my favorite spice shops that has great quality spices and really helped catapult my love of spices.

Locations: Multiple in the U.S.


Penzeys Spices

Penzey's, The Best Spices for Cooking | The Holistic Chef

As a Spice business we are a reminder that sometimes the community we are a part of is not just our own backyard. Sometimes our community really is the entire planet and everyone on it. Our Spices come from all across this planet, our Seasonings are inspired by all regions. We’ve traveled the world for you and can tell you its kindness and decency know no borders. Plus we have really good Spices and Seasonings.

Great selection of fresh and tasty spices with a variety of different blends.

Locations: Multiple in the U.S.


Spice & Tea Exchange

New Spice and Tea Exchange in Orlando's Downtown Disney

The Spice & Tea Exchange ® was founded in 2008, by a group of talented individuals with a passion for life and food. What started as a small shop St. Augustine, Florida, has quickly grown into a nation-wide franchise powered by flavor, passionate franchise owners, and a desire to bring flavorful ingredients to your kitchen.

Since there are quite a few of these, I often find one when traveling and always make it a point to stop in, as each store is a bit different.

Locations: Many Around the U.S.


Spice & Tea Merchants

Pin by Cynthia Hanson Smith on Health | Tea merchant ...

IMAGINE…A time, nearly a thousand years ago when adventurers scoured the Earth looking for the finest SPICES and TEAS attainable. Wars were fought for control of the spice routes; great fortunes were established; and the way that people cooked and ate was changed forever. Spices, with their mysterious and exotic origins, enhanced the flavor of foods and embellished the social standing of those who could afford them. Tea, once hidden away in the closed kingdom of Imperial China, was now available, sought after and touted [even now!] for its medicinal value. Like those ancient explorers many years ago, Spice & tea Merchants combs the world for the freshest, highest quality herbs, spices and teas available. We are passionate about what we do.

What a wonderful spice and tea shop with a huge variety, unique blends, and high quality. I stumbled upon this place in Breckenridge, CO and was so glad I did.

Location: Multiple in the U.S.

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