Florida Road Trip

I spent quite a bit of time in southeast Florida growing up visiting family and several subsequent trips to northeast Florida and South Beach, Miami in my 20s. As an ongoing experiment with being a semi digital nomad and seeking a change of scenery from Austin, I decided to explore the parts of Florida I had never been, and a few places I had. This took place over the course of a month, working during the week, exploring during nights and weekends.

For a full road trip around Florida, add St. Augustine which is really the only area missing. Include Jacksonville, Daytona Beach, and Palm Coast if you want to be comprehensive, but I would consider those optional.

If you are coming from further west, the itinerary also includes some places to stop and break up the long journey. If you’ve never been to New Orleans, definitely add it to your itinerary, but if you’re just passing through, try Slidell instead to save yourself some time, money, and traffic stress.

Florida Snowbirds Trip on Roadtrippers

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