My parents talked about visiting Maine since I was a kid, so we finally went. I had seen pictures of the gorgeous fall foliage and Acadia National Park, not to mention tales of amazing seafood. It can still be cool in the summer months and is a wonderful state to drive through, full of beautiful roads and scenery. It's also much less crowded than many other parts of the U.S.

My Favorites

1. Bar Harbor & Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park

Highlights: Harbor town, national park
Suggest Staying: 1-3 days
Stay Around: Bar Harbor
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I wish I had spent more time here. Bar Harbor is small, quaint and nice. Acadia has more to it than it seems, an afternoon of just seeing Cadillac Mountain wasn’t nearly enough to appreciate it. If you like blueberries, this part of Maine is well known for its wild blueberries.

See & Do

  • Acadia National Park. Cadillac Mountain is the most popular attraction with it’s winding roads and sweeping views.
  • Bar Harbor. The town.
  • Bar Harbor Music Festival. I didn’t see it, but happens in July.


  • Cadillac Mountain. Bring a jacket as it can be quite windy and chilly. Also, it may be very hazy preventing you from seeing much at the top. That said, just because it’s hazy on the drive up doesn’t mean it’s hazy at the top. You can drive most of the way up to the summit and it’s a short hike to the summit. Not too difficult, though a bit rocky so watch your step.

2. Portland

Not to be confused with hipster city Portland, Oregon, this city left an impression. We had some amazing oysters and though we didn't stay long, I felt Portland is one of those cool, hip up and coming cities in its infancy. Check out the Casco Bay Islands, Munjoy Hill East Promenade, and Commerical Street. For food, try Campbell's Lobster House and Eventide Oyster Co.

3. Rockland

A lobster fishing town, Rockland is a great place to stop along a coastal road trip of Maine, along with nearby Camden, for famous lobster rolls and Maine lobster. Perfect place to stop for lunch. Check out Claws and Rock City Cafe.

Other Considerations


The capital city.


Coastal town.

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