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Tea is my life blood. I absolutely love it. Not only does it have amazing health benefits, but there are so many different flavors to explore and enjoy. I used to think all tea tasted like the oversteeped, bitter stuff I had in Chinese restaurants as a kid which I didn’t care for, but years later as an adult, I was exposed to chai in Israel which completely changed what I thought I knew about tea. From there my appetite for tea only grew as I became more curious. I’ve compiled a list that includes some of my absolute favorite teas and where to find them. I tend to prefer pure Chinese, Japanese, and Taiwanese teas, but there are also herbal and tea blends of various flavors. My favorite types of teas are oolong, pu’erh, silver needle, and jasmine green. Higher quality loose leaf teas will not only taste better, but can be steeped multiple times, so don’t discard! Typically 3 times until the flavor starts to diminish, but can reach up to 5 with pu’erh. While I included my favorite type and tea shop for a particular type of tea, sub categories of tea (i.e. silver needle) can be found at any quality tea shop.

Moonlight White Puer

Moonlight White Puer - 100g Cake

Moonlight White Tea (Yue Guang Bai) is made up of freshly, silver-colored bud sets covered with tiny white hairs or “down” as well as the two leaves below the bud: collectively known as the “budset.” It is unique tea coming into being only about ten years ago made with a new processing method these leaves undergo: they are withered by moonlight.

This infused white puer combination tastes wonderful and always leaves me in the best mood.

Steeping: 205 deg. 2-3 mins

Purchase From: Zhi Tea

Rou Gui Rock Oonlong

This rock tea grows in the famous Wuyi Mountain from Northern Fujian Province, China. Rou Gui brews a burnt amber liquor, and tastes heavily of cinnamon spice. The taste is complemented by a nice gravely texture that these teas are famous for. This one is richer and darker than our other Wu Yi teas.

Rock oolongs in general are amazing, and while expensive, I think are well worth it as far as premium tea goes, as it can steep up to 5 times if used wisely. The taste is wonderful, classically oolong, rich, and a bit like chocolate to me. The description above pulled from the website I don’t think completely does it justice. This type of tea may often be described as “wuyi oolong” if you can’t find rock oolong.

Steeping: 212 deg 2-3 mins

Purchase From: Ku Cha House of Tea


Bi Tan Piao Xue Jasmine Green Tea

This is the most exquisite jasmine green tea we are able to find in the marketplace. Bi Tan Piao Xue means Snow flakes falling upon a jade pond, describing both the appearance of the tiny, silver-lined tea buds mixed with tender jasmine flowers, as well as the transportive experience of drinking this exquisite tea. The base tea comes from Mountain Meng, one of the most ancient tea mountains in China. Soothing and sweet, this is our highest quality jasmine green tea.

Jasmine tea is tough to beat as it smells and tastes amazing. This jasmine tea in particular is more infused that others I’ve had so you not only smell the jasmine, but taste it more as well. One thing to be mindful of with jasmine tea is not to let it over steep or over heat because it will get bitter.

Steeping: 175 deg 1-2 mins

Purchase From: Ku Cha House of Tea


Yinhao Longzhu Silver Dragon Jasmine Pearls

Yinhao Longzhu (Silver Dragon Jasmine Pearls) dry scented green tea leaves in a wooden display box.

A beautiful, hand-rolled, pearl-shaped jasmine green tea with a mild, smooth flavor and a sweet finish. Its delicate character and gentle jasmine aroma last through multiple infusions. Ideal for those who want a nutritious high-end jasmine tea.

Other than the jasmine tea mentioned above, jasmine pearls are some of the best quality jasmine tea you can get.

Steeping: 175 deg 2-3 mins

Purchase From: Seven Cups Fine Chinese Teas


Baihao Yinzhen Silver Needle

Cupped infusion of Baihao Yinzhen tea and strained leaves.

The delicate fragrance of Silver Needle’s nutritious tea buds is like fresh flowers. The smooth, juicy flavor fills the mouth with a clean, lingering sweetness. Consists entirely of single tea buds with highly concentrated nutrients, harvested by hand from the original white tea bush cultivars organically grown in Fujian Province.

Silver needle tea is fantastic and often has an interesting taste combo of white, green, and chocolate, in my opinion at least.

Steeping: 175 deg 2-3 mins

Purchase From: Seven Cups Fine Chinese Teas


Blue People Ginseng Oolong

Blue People Ginseng Oolong

Taiwanese high mountain oolong tea blended with premium ginseng powder and licorice root. The combination creates a tropical fruit like aroma that ends with a complex honey like sweet flavor that promotes natural energy, focus, and concentration.

Smooth and beautiful aftertase of the sweet ginseng makes this a very special and unique tea.

Steeping: 180 deg 2-3 mins

Purchase From: Vital Leaf


Golden Monkey Black Tea

This smooth and sweet black tea is from FuJian Province in China. The leaves are elongated, twisty and of a black and gold color. The tea brews a deep golden-amber color and tastes smooth and sweet with a slight bitterness upfront. This is one of our favorite black teas with a rich chocolate aroma and malty mouthfeel that dissolves into a delicate lingering sweetness.

I don’t drink a ton of black tea, but this is by far my favorite. Smells like chocolate and very smooth. The only tea I’ll add sugar or honey to since black tea tends to be just a bit bitter depending on how long you steep it.

Steeping: 212 deg 3-5 mins

Purchase From: Ku Cha House of Tea


Dragon Well Superior Green Tea

Also called Long Jing, Dragon Well is probably the most famous Chinese green tea. A tribute tea once enjoyed exclusively by royal families in ancient China, this top-grade Dragon Well tea produces a golden brew with a distinct nutty aroma and a full, round flavor. This tea also contains the highest concentration of catechins (antioxidants) among Chinese green teas.

Steeping: 175 deg 1-2 mins

Purchase From: Ku Cha House of Tea


Mightly Leaf

Mighty Leaf Organic Spring Jasmine 15 Pouch Box - Mighty ...


It’s worth mentioning my favorite mainstream store bought loose leaf tea which can offer a more suitable and affordable everyday tea. Mighty Leaf teas are great and contain an assortment of the best types of tea from each category. I especially like their green teas. My personal favorites include Spring Jasmine, Emerald Matcha, Green Dragon, Green Tea Tropical, White Orchard, and Orange Blossom.

Steeping: Varies

Purchase From: Coffee & Tea Shops, Grocery Store

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