Ireland is well known for its pubs and countryside. Although I only made it to Dublin thus far, there are several drives I'd like to do around the country in the future and also visit the north. While they do in fact speak English over there, at times it can seem like a foreign language.
Last Visit: Jun 2011
Cost: $-/day
Stayed: 2 days
Suggest Staying: 1 week
English: 5/5
Safety: 4/5
Currency: Euro
Transport: Taxi, bus, train

My Favorites

1. Dublin

Guinness Factory

Highlights: Countryside, history, pubs
Suggest Staying: 2-3 days
Stay Around: City center
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Dublin is a friendly, inexpensive city with a penchant for pubs. It is not uncommon see 3 pubs on an average street block. There is also some history and cathedrals of course and beautiful surrounding countryside. We were able to hit all the major attractions in a day just by walking.

See & Do

  • Guinness Factory. Brewery where you can watch the beer get made, have a sample, learn to pour the perfect pint of Guinness, and see panoramic views of the city.
  • Temple Bar. Area with galleries, bars and restaurants. Popular for nightlife and life music. This is an area and there is also a bar called Temple Bar.
  • Dublin Castle. Collection of 18th-century administrative buildings with courtyards.
  • Christ Church Cathedral. Cathedral of the Holy Trinity.
  • St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Largest church in Ireland.
  • Trinity College. Intellectual hub, beautiful campus, and old library containing Book of Kells. The library was used in one of the Harry Potter films.
  • Brazen Head. Ireland’s oldest pub. If you want, you can sign your name on a paper bill from your home country’s currency to be hung in the pub.


  • Getting There. Aer Lingus is a good, cheap airline based out of Dublin and flys to and from many European cities. You can also take a ferry but it’s much faster to fly. I flew there from London and on the way out into Manchester.

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